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Faxing Tips

Sometimes people have very specific needs that aren't addressed well by simply subscribing to an online fax service. In order to help as many people as possible, we're creating resource documents and "How To's" that address as many use cases as we can think of. If you think of something that is not listed here, please send us your idea using the contact form on this page.


Free fax services: If you just need to send the occasional fax, but don't need a number, or you're willing to go through a little hassle to get a free fax number, this resource is for you.

Complete, sign and fax your birth certifcate application for free: People born in Wisconsin and Alaska don't have an online option for submitting a birth certificate application, and many states use a third party service that charges an extra fee to submit applications. If you're one of these people, consider this process to create and submit your application via online fax for free (except for what the state charges you).

Port your fax number: If you already have a fax number, and want to use it with your online fax provider, you MIGHT be able to do so by porting it into your new service. This article provides an overview of fax number porting.

Where to recycle or donate computers in Austin, TX: is located in Austin, TX, so, in order do our part to be environmentally and socially responsible, we've compiled a list of Austin locations where people may safely recycle or donate their computers for free."