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•  Compare your top Internet fax services side-by-side by clicking the "Mark to Compare" checkboxes & then the "Compare Selected" button above.
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Internet Fax Service Comparisons

Looking for an impartial, no-nonsense, head-to-head fax service comparison tool? You've found it.

FindAFax's team of fax experts is constantly updating and analyzing changes in the industry so that we can provide you with the info you need to choose the right service. Our recommendations are never influenced by advertising, and we are not owned or controlled in any way by any of the internet fax providers we cover. FindAFax is a free service.

Internet fax service providers include differing amounts of features, price levels, and reliability. Use the filters on the left to narrow down the products plans to only those that meet your specifications. You can also select up to four plans to create your own side-by-side comparison. The side-by-side comparison will display a custom grid with an apples-to-apples feature checklist. Try it!

To remove an Internet fax plan from the comparison, just click on the "minus" button on the plan's icon in the top bar (to the right of the Compare Selected button). You can also uncheck a plan's Mark to Compare checkbox to remove it.

Want to try a different approach? Answer just seven questions using our one-of-a-kind Email Fax Service Buyer's Guide! After answering these seven questions, you'll be sent back to this Internet Fax Service page with all of the potential fax service plans preloaded into the tool. Then you can refine your choices using the side-by-side comparison. Or if you're ready to sign up, you can go right to the provider's site to get faxing.

About Our Online Fax Service Reviews

If you want to read more detail about any plan, you have several options. By clicking on any "More Info" button, you'll be presented with pros & cons, detailed feature information and our summary of that plan's Internet fax service review. You can also get a longer, more-detailed fax to email service review of a company and all their plans by clicking on any of the company names on the left side of the page (at the bottom of the navigation links on the left). Each page will include comparisons of each of the company's plans against their top competition, our complete online fax review, pros & cons, a short list of the company's plans (including our online fax review summary for each individual plan), and, in some cases, links to even more information about the company.