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RapidFax Launches with Microsoft Office Integration


EasyLink Services Corporation has announced the launch of, an online fax service aimed towards small businesses. RapidFAX allows you to send and receive faxes using just an internet connection and an existing email account and is offered at a much lower price than traditional fax machine services. While RapidFAX is not the first online fax service to hit the market, it is already more advanced than many of its predecessors, as it is launching with Microsoft Office integration.

Microsoft Office integration allows users to fax a document directly from most Microsoft applications. You can create an invoice, order, or any other kind of document in Microsoft Word and fax it to your customer without ever having the leave the Word interface. Jeff Olund, General Manager of Office Online at Microsoft Corporation has said that “the integration of fax services such as RapidFAX with Microsoft Office helps make SOHO (small office, home office) businesses more competitive by streamlining manual, paper-based business processes.”

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