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Free Fax Services

The Internet is full of free information and tools, so its no suprise that many people assume there is a way to fax online for free. Those people are correct, but there are a few catches. Catch Number one is that none of the free services allow people to both send AND receive faxes. Some provide free sending and others free receiving- none offer both. But, for those willing to deal with a little hassle, the following are the best options for free faxing.

Receive Faxes for Free

If you need to receive a fax, you can sign up for a free, limited service:

eFax Free sample receive faxeFax Free: click image to view full-size sample-->
eFax offers this free service for people that receive 10 or fewer fax pages per month, don't need to send faxes and don't mind having a fax number with a random area code (you don't get to select your number). The interface for eFax free is identical to eFax Plus and Pro (eFax's subscription services), but the "send" option is disabled. None of eFax's other features (eg: esigning, mobile apps, 24/7 customer service) are available with an eFax free account. Also, unlike Plus and Pro, which store faxes indefinitely, eFax Free accounts only store faxes for 30 days. If think you might want to upgrade to Plus or Pro, we have a full review and comparison of eFax with pricing, features, pros and cons on FindAFax. sample receive click image to view full-size sample--> provides customers with a number that can both accept faxes as well as record voicemails. Just like eFax free, K7 doesn't allow people to select their number or area code. The primary drawback to K7 is that the account will be deactivated, if the number doesn't receive a fax or voicemail for 30 consecutive days. For business users rarely receiving faxes but still wanting to have a dedicated fax number, this activity requirement would be a hassle. Also, K7 only stores faxes online for 7 days. Because K7 is entirely advertiser supported and offers no paid services, it is not surprising that their interface is poorly designed. The only reason a person should choose over the other options is because they need a single number to accept voicemails and faxes.

FaxBetter Free sample receive faxFaxBetter: click image to view full-size sample-->
FaxBetter's primary advantage over eFax Plus is that your fax number is a toll free number (not true 800 number, but an 877 number). People sending faxes to these numbers won't have to pay long-distance charges. Another advantage is that FaxBetter allows 50 pages per month (the website says 20 pages, but after creating an account, the account shows 50 pages available). The biggest drawback to FaxBetter is that the account will terminate, if the number doesn't receive a fax for 7 days. For most people, that probably means they'll have to re-sign up for the service and get a new number every time they use it. Like eFax, FaxBetter offers paid subscription online fax services, so their interface is user friendly. Both eFax and FaxBetter offer these free services in the hopes that enough people will upgrade to the paid service to justify the expense.

Send Faxes For Free

If you want to send a fax, use FaxZero or, which are both 100% free (they primarily generate revenue from advertising on their sites).

FaxZero sample send faxFaxZERO: click image to view full-size sample-->
FaxZERO is very easy to use and the quality of the faxes sent during our tests were similar to that of the paid services. FaxZero's three primary limitations compared to a paid online fax service are prominent FaxZERO branding on the coverpage, three page (in addition to the cover page) per fax limit and five faxes per day limit. provides a form on their home page with seven fields to gather sender and receiver information. After completing this section, simply upload up to three documents (total of three pages max) and add any additional text for the cover page. Once the sender hits the "Send Free Fax Now" button, the service emails a link to the sender that must be clicked in order to actually initiate the fax being sent. Once the fax is successfully sent, the system will fire off another email confirming the successful transmission. FaxZero's send image quality is very similar to the paid services.

GotFreeFax sample send click image to view full-size sample--> works nearly identically to FaxZero with a few exceptions. The quality of the actual fax transmission in tests using GotFreeFax was decent, but not as good as FaxZERO. Also, unlike FaxZERO, the service doesn't allow the sender to type comments or notes on the cover page. Finally, GotFreeFax has limit of two faxes per day as opposed to FaxZERO's five. The one advantage that GotFreeFax has over FaxZERO is that its cover page does not include any advertising of any kind, which could be a major advantage when sending a business fax needing a more professional appearance.

Use a Free Trial

A third free faxing option would be to sign up for a free trial of a full-featured subscription service. For people who need to send and receive faxes for a month or two, signing up for a free trial might be the best possible option. These services allow you to both send and receive faxes using email and online interfaces and many offer features like smartphone apps, e-signing, HIPAA compliance and phone support. SRFax's 60 day free trial is the longest available, and most of the other services offer a 30 day trial.