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Save 29% off the monthly fee AND Get 700 More Fax Pages per Month for RapidFax

Signing up for RapidFAX using the link below will decrease the monthly price from $13.95 to $9.95 AND increase the number of included pages per month from 300 to 1,000. To send or receive 1,000 pages in a month using RapidFAX withoug the benefit of this link, a person would have to pay the $13.95 monthly fee plus $56 in overage fees. That is a savings of up to $60/ month.

Click Here: RapidFAX Discount Link

RapidFAX Pricing through FindAFax

  • $0.00 Setup Fee
  • $13.99 $9.95/ month
  • 300 1,000 inbound or outbound pages/ month
  • Up to six user email address can be added to the account
  • $.08/ page overage fee
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