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How To Send a Fax Online

Before you actually select a fax service, you might want to know a more about how it works. There are two primary methods for sending a fax online:
  • Send the fax through an online interface (website), or;
  • Send the fax using your email account.

Send A Fax Through an Online Interface

In order to send a fax online, you need three things: Internet access, a digital version of the document you want to fax (.pdf, .doc, or .jpg formats will typically work with most services) and an online fax provider. If you just want to send a single fax, you can use one of these free services; otherwise, you can use our comparison to select a service.

Even though each company's interface is different, the basic process for sending a fax online is the same for each of them. First, you navigate to their "send a fax" page. Next, you'll enter the name and fax number of the person to whom you want to send the fax. Third, you'll enter your info for the coverpage or choose not to include one. The coverpage creation tools vary widely from one company to the next, but they all offer some options. Finally, you'll upload the document you want to fax by selecting it on you computer. The only remaining step is to hit the send fax online button, and you're done.

Although it varies from provider to provider, most fax services will email you a confirmation that the fax was successfully transmitted or if there was an error. Another cool option offered by some companies is "scheduling." Rather than sending the fax right now, scheduling allows you to choose a time when you wan the fax to be sent.

Send A Fax Through Email

Sending a fax through email can only be accomplished using a paid (subscription) fax service, but it is very easy, becuase the process is identical to sending an email with an attachment. In order to send the fax, you'll need the ability to send an email, a digital version of the document to be faxed, and an online fax provider that allows email-to-fax (every fax service on FindAFax offers this feature).

Before sending a fax through email, you'll need to enable the email address from which you plan to fax. This is a one-time setup step, so you will not need to do this in the future to send faxes from that email address. The details will be slightly different from provider to provider, but they will all have a section in their online interface where you will be able to add one or more email address to enable for sending. Once this is complete, you simply hit "save," or "apply.".

You will also need to locate the email address format that your provider will need in order to deliver your email to a fax number. This information should be on the provider's website, and it will probably look something like this: [fax-number] You are now ready to fax from your email address.

To send a fax from your email, you'll simply create a new email message and set the "To" field using the format that you found in the previous step on your provider's website ([fax-number], then you'll attach the document you want to fax to the email. For most provider's, anything you put in the body of the email message will be delivered as a cover page. If that is the case for your provider, you may want to create a template using MS Word or Apple Pages. This is where you would put things like "Sender's Name," Sender Fax Number," "Number of Pages (incluing cover page)," etc. Once you're satisified with the cover page info, you hit send on the email, and your fax provider will send the pages to the fax number that you entered in the email address. Much like sending a fax through an online interface, most companies will send you a confirmation email letting you know whether the fax successfully transmitted or encountered an error.