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Which Fax Providers Are Most Active on Twitter

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Thanks to social media, people and businesses have myriad channels of communication – and that extends to customer service. Today it’s expected that companies, including online fax providers, will have a presence on Twitter, and actively monitor that account to effectively communicate with their customers. While most companies do have a Twitter handle, it’s not a given that all of them are active.

Here’s a look at the online fax companies who are most active and responsive to their customer service requests on Twitter, and which ones let their Twitter feed languish.


The Most Active

  • MetroFax: MetroFax doesn’t post prolifically, but it does a good job of responding to customer queries and complaints, and following up with updates or conversations through direct messages. Follow the company @MetroFax.
  • RingCentral: This company has a very active Twitter feed, with lots of content and specific replies to questions. Follow the company @RingCentral
  • Nextiva: Nextiva has some very impressive customer service activity on its Twitter feed, with responses and follow-ups, and even replies to customers posted in video form within Twitter messages. Follow the company @Nextiva
  • MyFax: MyFax appears to have robust customer service through its Twitter feed. The company answers specific questions quickly, and also makes it easy to find numbers for phone support. Follow the company @myfax_
  • HelloFax: This provider has a quick response time, upbeat tone, and an active Twitter feed. Follow the company @hellofax.

So-So Activity

  • eFax: eFax doesn’t post a Twitter tab on its website, but a quick search in Twitter brings up its feed. The company is very active and responsive on Twitter, but the timbre of the messages the company replies to – and the number of apologies it posts – suggests that customers are contacting eFax on Twitter mostly to vent about frustrating phone support experiences. eFax also apparently has a Twitter feed dedicated to customer service – “eFax Can Help” – but it’s been inactive since 2010. Follow the company @eFax.
  • SRFax: Most of SRFax’s Twitter feed shows glowing customer reviews from one review website. There’s not much else in the way of content, and very few exchanges with customers. Follow the company @SRFax.

Barely Any Pulse

  • Faxage: Faxage’s Twitter activity seems to be sporadic, and most of its Twitter feed is taken up with positive reviews from its own website. Follow the company @faxage.
  • and RapidFax: We couldn’t find any active accounts for these providers, both of which are owned by j2.
  • MaxEmail: MaxEmail didn’t join Twitter until 2011, and has apparently not used the account since 2012. Follow the company at @MaxEmail.
  • Fax87: Fax87’s Twitter feed hasn’t been active since December 2013, and even then, its activity was lackluster. We found only a few customer correspondences, and those had a defensive and sloppy tone. Follow the company @fax87.