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Which Virtual PBX Services Include Online Faxing?

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Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) services give businesses the ability to use a range of features without traditional hardware. Virtual PBX is software-based, and will work with existing phones – like mobile and home phones – allowing workers to connect with business services like conference calling and call management features from anywhere, and without equipment. Some virtual PBX companies also offer online fax services along with phone services. Here’s an overview of a few Virtual PBX services that include online faxing:

RingCentral Professional

In addition to virtual PBX features like call forwarding, auto-receptionist, and extensions, RingCentral Professional allows you to use your number for online faxing. Online faxing features through this plan include the ability to attach files from your computer of from cloud storage, the ability to send faxes from Microsoft Office applications, and a mobile app.

All three RingCentral Professional plans include online faxing: Pro, for $9.99 per month, Pro Plus for $19.99 per month, and Pro Power, for $24.99 per month.’s virtual PBX features include toll free and local numbers, auto attendant, mobile apps, call forwarding and scheduling, call conferencing, unlimited extensions, and Internet fax. Faxes are converted to PDF files and sent to your inbox, and you can upload documents from your computer in different formats to send as faxes.

Plans include a basic plan $9.99 per month for one number, a pay per minute plan that charges 2.5 cents to 3.9 cents per minute, and an unlimited plan, for $19.99 per month per extension.

VirtualPBX claims that it offers the widest array of features in the industry, and it certainly does offer a thorough set. Features range from online faxing, data security and call recording, to personal greetings, automatic callback and auto attendant.

Online faxing works from the your phone number, with a certain number of outbound faxes included in each plan. Inbound faxes use plan minutes. Faxes can be viewed online or through email, and can be uploaded and sent from a VirtualPBX online fax library.

Office plans start at $33.99 per month for one line, and go up: $24.99 per line, per month for two-19 lines, $22.99 per line, per month for 20-99 lines, and $19.99 per line, per month for 100-plus line. All office plans include 1,000 outbound fax pages.

Virtual PBX offers three Anywhere Plans: Startup is $9.99 per month, with 10 outbound fax pages included, Pro is $19.99 per month with 50 outbound fax pages included, and Premium is $24.99 per month with 100 outbound fax pages included.

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