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Using OneSuite to Pay-As-You-Go

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There are myriad services to pick from when considering online fax options, from feature-rich plans that fit almost any industry’s needs to services that fit an individual’s budget. For users who may need to provide a fax number and receive faxes, but rarely need to send them, OneSuite’s pay-as-you-go plans offers a very inexpensive online fax solution.

OneSuite’s Fax Plus plan runs $2.95 per month, and includes unlimited incoming faxes. To send faxes, users have two options: you can use WebFax, OneSuite’s browser-based fax platform, or OSFX driver, a downloadable program. WebFax works with both Macs and PCs, and OSFX driver works only with PCs.

OneSuite charges each sent fax by its transmission duration, in 1-minute increments. Rates for toll-free and lower 48 U.S. states are 2.5 cents per minute. International rates vary from 1.8 cents to 4.8 cents per minute.

The two fax platforms OneSuite offers are similar to each other, although WebFax supports a few more file types. Both OSFX and WebFax support all the standard file types, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, and image file types. Only the OSFX driver will let users create a fax cover page.

The service also lets you monitor outbound fax records going back 90 days, and lets you receive faxes in up to five email addresses.

Incoming faxes go to a user’s email address. To send faxes, you go through whichever platform you’ve set up.

It is worth noting that the company has received bad reviews for customer service, with some users complaining that there was a significant lag in time between paying for initial service and getting their accounts activated.