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TrustFax Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary by Adding the Ability to eSign


TrustFax is celebrating its 1 year anniversary, and has quickly become one of the fastest growing online faxing services. Comodo, TrustFax’s parent company, developed the service with the idea of starting an online fax company with a heavy focus on security and identity protection.

TrustFax has just added an eSigning feature to their service. This allows users to save a digital version of their signature and use it to sign documents without ever having to print out, sign, and rescan a document. This feature also allows users to fill out PDF forms online, completely eliminating the need to print any of your faxes. These signatures are legally binding.

Along with digital signing, TrustFax has also launched a “digital filing cabinet” where users can store large files online, including faxes they have signed, and retrieve them through any web browser. They have announced that they also plan on launching a new feature, “Desktop TrustFax,” so keep your eyes open to see how this expands the service’s abilities.


TrustFax was been acquired by j2 Global in 2010.

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