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Top Five Reasons To Use An Online Fax Service

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It would be easy to assume that faxing is obsolete – with email and cloud sharing, much of the fax’s role has been usurped. But while it may be true that fax machines themselves are practically relics, online fax is very much alive and well. Here are the top five reasons you might want to consider using an online fax service:

1. Your John Hancock An actual signature is necessary sometimes, and not just because old fogeys don’t trust email. In certain industries, like legal, government, and medical, legally binding signatures are mandatory, and the most efficient and cost-effective way to send those documents is by online fax.

2. National Signing Day! OK, maybe you aren’t a top college football pick. But just in case you have a son who is someday, you’d better have faxing capability on the ready. While other sports have switched to signed PDFs for signing day, college football programs still use faxes to seal the deal.

3. Because Hackers Remember that time the U.S Government got hacked? And the time before that major retailers like Target got hacked? While email encryption is an ever-evolving science, emails still aren’t as secure as Internet faxes (as long as you disable the “attach the fax to the email notification” feature. Online faxes are also more secure than physical faxes, for obvious reasons: anyone walking by a fax machine could theoretically just pick up the papers. For industries like healthcare that must follow strict privacy guidelines, online faxing is the best way to go.

4. Domo Arigato Faxes are a big part of the business world in many other countries – and in Japan they’re used by almost every business. Faxes can be seen by those businesses as more personal because of customized details like a signature, so if you’re doing business with overseas companies or organizations, the ability to fax will be a big plus.

5. Reach Back to the Stone Age Some businesses will only accept or send documents by fax. Since online faxing services will send a printed copy of your document to physical fax machines, you can reach the dinosaurs (and overseas companies, per #4 above) still using them.

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