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Six of the Coolest Features VoIP Phone Systems Offer



Many businesses now choose Voice over Internet Protocol systems in order to save money and streamline communications services. VoIP, sometimes also called Internet telephony, offers a lot of enticing features for companies seeking easy and sophisticated communications services. VoIP systems are known to be user-friendly for employees, come with good customer service, and mean less clunky hardware. But there’s a host of other great features you might not know about VoIP systems that are worth noting.

  • Use your business phone number anywhere: phone numbers and extensions aren’t tied to the line, so employees working from home, or on the road, or on a job site, can still make and receive calls anywhere. Some companies, like RingCentral, offer smartphone apps so that you can take VoIP calls over Wi-Fi or a 4G network without using carrier minutes.
  • Voice mail features: voice mail to email transcription turns your voice mail messages to text and sends them to your email, so you can catch up on them at your own pace. Some systems also allow you to listen to a voice mail and interrupt to take the call if you choose.
  • Security integration: if you work in a business with a locked entrance, this features integrates a door buzzer into the phone, so you can converse with visitors and unlock the door from your phone.
  • Sharing and conferencing: some systems, like ShoreTel Sky, allow you to conduct peer-to-peer video chats, launch a desktop sharing session during an audio or video chat, and send files as you’re talking.
  • Fax viewing options: receive email or web alerts that you have a fax or voice mail waiting for you. VirtualPBX handles incoming faxes automatically, and will send faxes and voice messages to an email address of your choice. Instead of checking multiple places for messages, you can receive them all through your email.
  • Easily create new lines: Many providers allow businesses to set up new extensions with separate voice mail messages.

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