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MyFax iPhone App Released


Citing the evolution of the smartphone from merely a phone to a complete business communications device as the primary instigator, MyFax has released a free iPhone app to use along with the online fax service. The app allows you to receive fax notifications as soon as a fax reaches your account and view the entire fax or just a preview of the transmission.

MyFax’s vice president of marketing, Steve Adams, discussed the app’s benefits, stating that the “new application brings the quick and easy access to fax they love from their current MyFax service to their phone, without compromising the quality they’ve come to expect from us.” He went on to explain that “it also gives mobile workers peace of mind that important documents, like contracts, can be transmitted confidentially – they are no longer at the mercy of the local courier or hotel business center.”

Just like MyFax’s online fax service, the app comes with free updates. So stay tuned for MyFax to add more features to the app in the near future.

[Update: May 13, 2011]

MyFax has now added the ability to scan and send documents directly from the app. This feature makes the app twice as handy as before since you can complete nearly all of the functions of the web interface directly through the app itself, rather than just being able to view incoming faxes.

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