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MetroFax is Acquired by j2Global

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MetroFax, a prominent online fax service, was acquired by j2Global this past month. j2Global is a world leader in the virtual communication industry, focusing on cloud-based services such as online fax, email marketing, online backup, and virtual voice, among others. They are the parent company of well-known services such as eFax (a competitor of MetroFax), as well as Campaigner, eVoice, and KeepItSafe.

MetroFax has consistently been one of the lowest priced and reliable online fax services. With features including the ability to fax to international numbers, iPhone and Android Apps, and Microsoft Office integration, MetroFax has long been a FindAFax favorite.

j2Global has been expanding at an incredible rate, with a record-breaking year in 2012. They currently hold 39.8% of the internet faxing market share, with brands including eFax, MyFax, and The eFax brand still stands as its primary focus. Acquiring a service as feature-rich as MetroFax will hopefully push j2Global to expand these features to their other online-faxing brands.

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