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MetroFax adds new features to the MetroFax Printer


MetroFax has just released an update to its MetroFax Printer software. MetroFax Printer allows users to send faxes directly from Windows applications with an online download free to any of their customers.

For those that are not already familiar with MetroFax Printer, one of the most useful features is the ability to send faxes directly from Microsoft Office products. You can type up a document in Word and send it via fax without ever having to access your email account, go to MetroFax’s site, or even leave the Word doc you’re sending.

With this update, MetroFax has added many new features to their previous version of the MetroFax Printer.

You can find a full list of all of the new Printer 3.0 features on MetroFax’s website, but a few of them jumped out to us as being particularly valuable. This updated version now offers the ability to automatically print any new faxes. Whenever a fax hits your inbox, it is sent to your printer as long as both your computer and printer are powered on. This feature is helpful to some in that it acts almost like a traditional fax service, without the high cost of the hardware. MetroFax Printer 3.0 also now syncs with any contacts that you have entered on your MetroFax Dashboard, so you won’t have to sign into the dashboard in order to access your contacts before sending faxes.

Other helpful features include: encrypting sent faxes, the ability to use your Yahoo! Mail address book, the ability to send faxes from multiple email addresses, as well as desktop alerts which deliver pop-up notifications when you receive a new fax.

Updates like this to its already feature-rich service along with competitive prices, are why MetroFax is consistently rated and reviewed so positively. For reviews on their most popular plans, visit MetroFax’s company page on

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