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iPhone Faxing Apps

Turn Your iPhone into a Fax Machine

For many small businesses, an online fax service gives the ability to send and receive faxes without being tied to a landline. Increasingly, online fax services are also offering iPhone apps, which let you do your faxing right from your phone, instead of going through a website or email.

Here’s a roundup of some of the fax services that offer iPhone apps, and the features that make them stand out. (Note: each company’s app is free, but you must be a subscriber of their service to use it.)

MetroFax Mobile AppMetroFax: MetroFax has won high praise from reviewers for its excellent all-around value. Its iPhone app lets you turn your phone into a fax machine by either faxing attachments from your phone, or snapping a picture of a document to fax. The app also allows you to view sent faxes, use contact information on your phone to address faxes, and forward faxes to another fax number or email address. (Compare MetroFax Pricing and Features)





RingCentral: RingCentral offers a single app that works with all of their products (Fax, Professional and Office), therefore it includes faxing features along with the phone system features that you can use, if you sign up for one of their voice plans. The app lets users send and receive faxes by accessing photos, email attachments and cloud storage. Voice features (applicable only if you are a Professional or Office subscriber) of the app include showing your RingCentral business number as caller ID when you make calls, business SMS feature to send and receive texts with your local RingCentral number, and the ability to make VoIP calls over WiFi without using carrier minutes. (Compare RingCentral Pricing and Features)


eFax Mobile AppeFax: Offering two methods of e-signing make this the most robust fax app offered by any fax service. eFax’s iPhone app not only lets users create and send faxes with a phone camera, cloud storage or email attachments, but it also lets you sign faxes with your finger on the touchscreen or take a picture of your signature to insert anywhere it’s required. The app also lets you use cover sheets and contact lists and share faxes via email as PDF attachments. (Compare eFax Pricing and Features)





MyFax Mobile AppMyFax: This app will enhance images you take with your camera before sending them out, and it also lets you fax documents from cloud storage. Users can add search tags to individual faxes and archive them for easy access later, and if you need to print, the app lets you print faxes to AirPrint-enabled printers. (Compare MyFax Pricing and Features)






MaxEmail Mobile AppMaxEmail: MaxEmail’s iPhone app allows users to take a picture of your document, and also lets you attach PDF files directly from your DropBox, Google Drive, or any WebDav service. Like eFax’s, this app gives you the ability to create a custom signature stamp that allows you to sign fax documents, and means you don’t have to print, sign and re-scan documents. (Compare MaxEmail Pricing and Features)