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eFax Releases New Mobile App


eFax has released a new iPhone app allowing users of eFax to both send and receive faxes from their phone. This app is only one part of eFax’s new Next initiative, which aims to enhance technology solutions for businesses. The Next initiative improves not only the eFax mobile solutions, but also improves security, enhances the interface to manage your online faxes, and adds other new product integration to the eFax brand.

One of the most notable capabilities of the iPhone app is that it allows you to create faxes by taking pictures of documents with your iPhone. The app will then combine the images and send them out like any other faxed document. If you’d rather fax the documents through email attachments, you can do so using the documents you’ve created in the app. When sending faxes on your iPhone, you can now use your existing phone contact list to populate cover sheets that you have created from the eFax app. The app will also save all of your received faxes and make them easily searchable.

We are hopeful that eFax Next initiative will even further improve the experience of online faxing and that other faxing companies will follow suit.

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