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eFax: New Features and Specs


eFax logoThe eFax company started in 1999, when the business changed its name from JetFax and launched its online faxing solution. Aimed at businesses, individuals and education systems, eFax built its business as a replacement for hardware fax machines. eFax has recently rolled out new features to expand its product offerings. This new line of services is designed to both make their online faxing product more flexible and convenient and to compete with other services available in the cloud space. The new key features are the eFax app, electronic signatures, heightened security and large file transfers.

There’s an App for That

Like so many companies, eFax has gotten into the mobile app market. eFax’s app for Android and iOS devices can be used for sending and receiving faxes and is also integrated with eFax’s other new product offerings, including electronic signatures and file sharing. iPhone, iPad and Android users can send and receive faxes without a laptop or desktop. The app can also be used to forward sent or received faxes to email, add notes to faxes and collaborate.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Another new feature from eFax is their electronic signature product. Similar to services like Docusign or AuthentiSign, it allows eFax users to sign faxes electronically, eliminating the need for a traditional hard paper fax and manual signature. The electronic signature can be performed either the user swiping their signature on their mobile device’s screen or by taking a picture of their handwritten signature. These options allow eFax users the convenience and responsiveness of signing documents on the go instead of waiting to get back to the office. Signatures are protected by encryption.

More Secure

eFax has added encryption features for extra security. This includes at-rest AES encryption, designed to safeguard faxes stored on customers’¬†eFax accounts. This is important because eFax saves a complete history of sent and received faxes. 128-bit SSL encryption is a standard feature of eFax’s portal site to ensure secure access to incoming faxes. The company also stipulates that they do not share customer data with third parties and that they are fully HIPAA and GLB compliant.

Files Too Big to Fax?

The final new feature to spotlight is eFax’s large file sharing offering. Completely separate from their faxing product, think of this as eFax’s answer to Dropbox or Google Drive. The large file sharing component allows eFax customers to share files up to 3GB in size. Shared via secure link, these files can be any format, including zipped files, and are available for 90 days. The link can be sent to up to 20 addresses at a time and users receive an email notification when recipients download the files. This feature is offered to all eFax users and is not an additional feature with a separate charge.

In addition to these new, expanded offerings, eFax provides standard features including lifetime fax storage and fax search so that customers can find and retrieve any sent or received fax, which is helpful for finding and sending a standard style of fax on the go. eFax also offers a fax preview feature so users can see exactly what outgoing faxes will look like, toll free phone numbers and the ability to send from up to five email addresses per account.