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The Cheapest Fax Services

Most online fax services are cheap, but THESE are the cheapest!

Better security, ease of use and environmental benefits are major advantages of online faxing over fax machines, but the reason most of us prefer online fax services is simple: they are incredibly inexpensive. If cost is your number one concern when selecting an online fax service, this article is for you.

Lowest Monthly Fee: SmartFax LocalSmartFax logo

 At $6.95 per month, SmartFax is extremely affordable. The plan includes an assigned local fax number, 250 inbound and outbound pages (additional pages cost $0.08 each), 30 days of free online fax storage, international faxing, and a free 30-day trial: SmartFax Local Comparison

Lowest Annual Fee: Nextiva Single UserNextiva Logo

With an annual discount for paying for an entire year up front, the Single User plan from Nextiva comes out to $4.95 per month. With that plan, you get 500 pages per month, up to five users in the plan, and a 30-day free trial period. Nextiva also gives you the choice of getting a toll-free number for $9.95: Nextiva Single User Comparison

Lowest Monthly Cost/ Page: MetroFax EssentialMetroFaxLogo (2)

MetroFax’s Essential plan runs $7.95 per month – $6.63 per month with an annual discount – and includes 500 in or outbound pages per month. This works out to 1.59 cents per pageMetroFax Essential Comparison. However, if you’re willing to pay for a year in advance, Nextiva’s Single User plan also offers 500 pages per month and is $59.40 per year (the equivalent of $4.95 per month). That works out to just under 1 cent per pageNextiva Single User Comparison