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eFax vs HelloFax

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eFax vs HelloFax

eFax vs HelloFax Comparison Summary

eFax and HelloFax are two of the most popular online fax services on the market, and they are also the only two to offer the ability to electronically sign and fax documents, eliminating the need to print and scan. Beyond that, the services are VERY different. HelloFax is less expensive, but offers far fewer features and very limited support. eFax's entry level plan, eFax Plus, is $16.95/ month or $169.56/ year for 150 sent pages and 150 received pages; HelloFax least expensive option, Home Office, is $9.99/ month or $99.96/ year for 300 sent or received pages. However, eFax includes access to iOS and Android apps (which enable esigning from a mobile device), a HIPAA compliant setting, a "contact" book for fax numbers and Microsoft Office integration. HelloFax offers none of these. Furthermore, eFax offers 24/7 U.S. based phone support. HelloFax offers NO PHONE SUPPORT; all customer service issues are handled via email.

eFax Company Overview

eFax is owned by j2 Global, a publicly traded company that owns several other fax brands, including MetroFax and MyFax, virtual PBX brands eVoice and OneBox as well as the email marketing service, Campaigner. eFax offers to plans targeted to individuals and small business users: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. In addition, eFax Corporate Solutions provides a complete suite of faxing services targeted toward larger companies and high volume users. These services include eFax Messenger, eFax Developer API, eFax Mobile for Corporate, eFax Compliance and others. The eFax Corporate website states that "nearly half of the Fortune 500" use their service.

HelloFax Company Overview

HelloFax is owned by JN Projects Inc, which also owns the esignature provider, HelloSign. HelloFax was founded in 2010 as a Y Combinator Project and received notable investments from Google Ventures and U.S. Venture Parters. As a result of these relationships and its tight integration with other Google products, HelloFax quickly became a tech media darling. JN Projects launched HelloSign in 2012 and has shifted the majority of its focus to this product. All corporate press releases since 2013 have been about HelloSign and the "HelloFax blog" link points to the HelloSign blog. Also, the feature request forum shows that they haven't "completed" a requested feature since 2013.

eFax vs HelloFax Pricing

eFax Plus costs $16.95/ month or $169.56/ year for 150 sent pages and 150 received pages. eFax Pro is $19.95/ month or $199.56/ year for 200 sent pages and 200 received pages. Both plans have a $.10/ page overage rate. eFax typically charges a $10 setup fee, but this is waived, if you sign up using a link on FindAFax. If you have a number you'd like to continue using, you can port it into the service free. The company also offers a 30-day free trial to test the service. HelloFax's Home Office Plan costs $9.99/ month or $99.96/ year for 300 sent or received pages. HelloFax Professional is $19.99/ month or $200.04/ year for 500 sent or received pages. HelloFax Small Business is $39.99/ month or $399.96/ year for 1,000 sent or received pages. HelloFax doesn't charge a setup fee, but they charge $15, if you choose to port your existing number into the service. HelloFax also offers a 30-day free trial. Both eFax and HelloFax offer limited free versions of their services. eFax Free allows a user to receive up to 10 fax pages per month at a "local" number (whose area code appears to be randomly selected), but fax sending isn't available and all other eFax features are disabled. HelloFax Free allows the user to send up to 5 fax pages total (not monthly), but customers can't receive faxes with the service. However, HelloFax Free includes the e-signature feature on those 5 free pages.

eFax vs HelloFax Features

eFax is the most feature rich online fax service on the market. All of eFax's paid plans include esigning, iOS and Android mobile apps, local or toll-free numbers, unlimited online fax storage, a HIPPA compliance option, an online contact book and Microsoft Office Integration. Also, eFax has a partnership with Hewlett Packard that allows customers to use their eFax accounts directly on select HP All-In-One models. HelloFax doesn't offer too many features, but it is one of the few to offer esigning. Their esigning feature is extremely user friendly and the service integrates well with Google Drive, which makes faxing documents in Google Drive very easy. The service also offers unlimited fax storage. However, HelloFax doesn't offer smartphone apps, toll free numbers, a HIPAA compliance option, an online contact book or Microsoft Office Integration.

eFax vs HelloFax Customer Service

eFax offers 24/7 U.S. based phone and live chat support as well as email support. HelloFax only offers email support, but it is U.S. based. Back to eFax Overview and Comparison