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eFax Free vs eFax Plus

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eFax Free

Despite the fact that eFax doesn't promote the service, eFax Free is one of their most popular plans. With eFax free, a user can receive up to 10 fax pages per month for no cost. When you sign up for the service, you receive a "local" number where you can receive faxes (in this case, "local" just means it's not toll-free, but the odds of you receiving a number with your area code are nearly zero) and a pin number to login to eFax's online interface. Received faxes are sent to the user's email address and can also be viewed in the online interface. Because the service is free, it is limited to this fax-receiving functionality only.

eFax Plus

eFax Plus costs $16.95 per month (or $169.56 per year) and is the company's least expensive subscription plan. This plan includes 150 received and 150 sent fax pages per month, and the user gets to select their phone number from any of eFax's extensive inventory of local numbers or choose a toll free number instead. eFax Plus offers e-signing, 24/7 phone support, iPhone and Android apps, as well as the ability to enable enhanced security features for those that want or need them.

Which should I choose?

The primary appeal of eFax Free is that it's free. It has very limited capabilities, no additional features and no customer support. That said, for an individual that is simply looking for a way to receive the occasional fax and doesn't mind having a fax number with a different area code, eFax Free is a perfect solution. However, eFax Free is not a good solution for any business. The lack of support coupled with the unprofessional image of an odd area code make this a poor choice for any business, regardless of how few faxes it receives per month. Individuals that need to occasionally send a fax or receive faxes containting important information should also seriously consider signing up for eFax Plus. Relying on a free service to handle valuable or sensitive information is just too risky. And, of course, anyone in need of any of the features offered by eFax Plus should sign up for that service.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a 30 day free trial of eFax Plus and have the $10 startup fee waived, use this link: eFax Plus. To sign up for eFax Free, use this link (FYI- there is no way to find this link through eFax's home page): eFax Free. Back to eFax Overview and Comparison