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Nextiva: In-Depth

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Nextiva: Cloud-Based Phone and Fax Services

Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP communications company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nextiva offers telephony services for small and medium-sized companies, with service in the U.S. and Canada. Its products include phone systems, virtual fax lines and PBX trunk lines for SIP Trunking. Nextiva is owned by UnitedWeb Inc., a holding company that owns technology businesses. In 2009 Nextiva partnered with, a climate solutions organization. And in 2014, the company joined the Linux Foundation and began using Linux as the operating system on some of the company's servers. Nextiva offers five product business VoIP communication services: Nextiva Fax, Nextiva Office, Nextiva Call Center, Nextiva SIP Trunking, and Nextiva Connect.

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Nextiva's Primary Fax Services

Single User: Nextiva's Single User plan is the most cost-effective online fax plan out there. For $8.95 per month - or $4.95 per month with the annual discount - you get 500 1,000 total pages. This deal is only available through FindAFax's links- The company typically includes 500 pages with their Single User plan. Nextiva's interface, "vFax Portal," is very intuitive, straightforward and packed with features. It will let you filter faxes by date transmitted, by type, and by folders that you can create for additional organization. You can designate up to five email addresses to receive incoming faxes, although only one email address can be used to send faxes through email. However, anyone with the account login information can send faxes through the online interface.

With all its plans, Nextiva also offers U.S.-based support, local fax numbers in 48 states, storage of sent and received faxes included in the monthly price, and the ability to preview faxes before sending them. This service also accepts a large number of file types, including image files like TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG; Adobe Acrobat files; Microsoft Office files; printer file formats; and text files.

Nextiva doesn't offer any mobile apps, so people looking for a service that works seamlessly on a handheld device might want to look at other options. It is also not HIPAA compliant, so it may not be the best service for those in medical fields.

Small Business: This plan includes 1,000 total pages for $17.95 per month, or $12.95 per month with the annual discount. Nextiva charges $0.03 per page used in excess of the plan's monthly allotment for all of its plan, so for those who would use between 766 and 1,566 pages per month on average, the Small Business plan is a good fit.

Busines Pro: The Business Pro plan is another great value plan. For $34.95 per month, of $29.95 per month with the annual discount, users get 3,000 pages total. That's one of the best-priced high volume online fax plans available. The Business Pro plan offers identical features to the Single User and Business plans.

Other Nextiva Services:

Nextiva Office: Nextiva Office is one of the top VoIP phone systems available, so if you're in the market for a feature rich, fair-priced phone system for your business, click here to request a price quote. Prices range from $19.95/ month/ user to $44.95/ month / user depending on the plan choice and number of users.

Nextiva Call Center: Nextiva offers a specific solution for call centers that includes all the call and queue management features needed for that type of heavy phone use. Because this service is also cloud based, Nextiva Call Center customers can easily scale their staffing by utilizing both on-premise and virtual agents as well as manage the operation from anywhere in the world through their online dashboard.

Nextiva SIP Trunking: For customers that have already invested heavily in PBX equipment, but want the cost savings and flexibility of VoIP lines, Nextiva offers SIP Trunking that can work with existing PBX equipment like 3CX, ALLWORX, ALLTel, Elastix, FREEPBX, Nortel, SwitchVox and TrixBox.

Nextiva Connect: Connect is Nextiva's virtual PBX product, but the company's development efforts are currently focused on their Fax and Office products.

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