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MyFax: j2 Global's Canadian acquisition

In 2010, j2 Global, owners of eFax and several other fax brands, acquired MyFax and their parent company, Protus IP Solutions. The customer transition appears to have been difficult, resulting in multiple outages and consumer complaints. More recently, the brand shifted to eFax's technological platform, a change which met with mixed reviews from their legacy customers, but it also seems to have stabilized the service. MyFax's online interface now looks identical to eFax, but notably does not include the e-signing feature. However, new MyFax customers signing up using any of the links on FindAFax will recieve a special pricing offer of 400 inbound / 400 outbound (800 total) monthly fax pages for $10/ month or $110/ year. Canadian company Protus IP Solutions, Inc. launched MyFax in 2004, targeting small businesses and home offices looking to get rid of traditional fax machines. Between 2004 and 2010, the company won several awards for its service, including Web Marketing Association's "Standard of Excellence" Award, Communications Solutions Magazine's "Product of the Year" Award, and Internet Telephony Magazine's "Product of the Year" Award.

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MyFax's Primary Services

Best Value: For $10 per month, or $110 per year (effective rate of $9.17 per month) with their annual discount, MyFax's "Best Value" plan includes 400 inbound and 400 outbound monthly pages (the 400/ 400 pages included with Best Value are only available through the links on FindAFax; MyFax typically only includes 100 send and 200 receive pages with this plan). Next to comparable plans from other providers, this is a good value offer. MyFax does charge $0.10 cents per page if you send or receive more than the allotted pages in your plan, which is more expensive than many other providers. Also, the change to the eFax platform eliminated MyFax's previous Microsoft integrations. MyFax offers iPhone and Android apps that are essentially identical (less the e-signature feature) to the eFax apps. The service has North American-based 24/7 customer phone, chat and email support. Most Popular: This plan runs $20 per month, with no annual discount available. For that price, MyFax includes 200 inbound and 200 outbound pages, which is less than the FindAFax special "Best Value" MyFax offer and costs 200% more. No realistic value here. Fax More: The "Fax More" plan offers the same number of pages as the Best Value plan available through FindAFax links, but costs 400% more. No need to even consider this plan.

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