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The FindAFax Email Fax Service Buyer's Guide

Welcome to FindAFax's Email Fax Service Buyer's Guide! "Email faxing" (also known as "online faxing") is the process of using your computer, tablet or smartphone to send or receive a fax. Such a service frees you from having to buy an outdated, dedicated fax machine and supply it with an expensive dedicated phone line. If you're looking for an email fax service so you can ditch your fax machine, you are in the right place!

Just fill out the "7 Questions" box below and click the "Find A Fax" button to get a custom buying recommendation that's designed just for you. That's all it takes! If you want to know more, please read the "Buyer's Guide FAQ" at the bottom of the page.

7 Questions to Find the Email Fax Service for You

Buyer's Guide FAQ

Why is it important to know if I want an email fax number or if I have a fax number I want to keep?

If you already have a fax number and it’s on your business cards, letterhead, or others are regularly using the number, saving the number can be imperative. Some services offer porting of your old fax number into their email fax system so you don’t have to worry about the transition affecting you. Selecting this option will keep you from choosing an email fax service that doesn’t offer porting so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Why do you ask if this is for "business" or "personal" use?

Because email fax service plans are cheap and feature rich, you can use any of the services for either business or personal use. Unlike the other questions, we don’t use this information to change the services that you should consider. Instead, we’re using this information to determine if we should suggest alternate or complementary products for business users. For example, for only an extra couple of dollars per month, a business user can sign up for a virtual PBX service that includes email faxing capability as well as full business phone system functionality. Even though this question doesn’t impact which fax service you should select, it does give us an opportunity to recommend other products that business users should consider.

How does the number of people using my email fax service affect the company or plan that I choose?

We've defined the number of users to be the number of email addresses you can set up to receive faxes. If you have several people that need to access faxes sent to your number, they won't have to log in to the main account every time to check for a completed transmission. All they will need to do is check their email for the fax. Some services even offer the ability to have faxes from certain numbers forwarded to specific email addresses so that the transmissions can be kept private if necessary.

Why do you ask if I want to be able to send "international faxes?"

Many email fax services offer the ability to send faxes internationally and some even have "free faxing zones" of countries where there are no long-distance charges to do so. The services that do charge to send faxes internationally are reasonably priced between 10¢ and 50¢ per minute. In addition, every email fax service allows you to receive faxes from abroad without incurring additional charges.

Do I need HIPAA compliance?

If you're sending faxes containing medical records of any kind, federal law states that you must abide by specific security measures in order for this information to remain confidential. Services with Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance are those with secure fax servers, encrypted message transmissions, and require a password to retrieve faxes sent. It is important to note that the HIPAA compliant feature of email fax services is not in and of itself all that is needed to conform to HIPAA standards. You must also comply with the law in the way in which each fax is handled before and after transmission.

Is electronically signing documents a valuable feature?

Depending on how many signed email faxes you send, the electronic signature (or "eSign") feature can be very worthwhile. This feature saves paper since it eliminates printing to sign a fax, but it also can save loads of time otherwise spent printing, signing, and scanning the page before you can send it back.